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Tubing and Tubing String Design

  • Course Description

    This course is dedicated to explain about tubing string design, tubing selection, selection of the proper sizes and grades of tubular to maintain the integrity of the wellbore and handle anticipated production, select the down-hole tubing accessories needed to optimize production and future well work and select the appropriate tubing and accessories for completing wells in keeping with the production method required for the reservoir, and to facilitate future work-over, servicing and stimulation work.


    Course Content


    API Physical Property Specification

    • Dimensions, Weight and Lengths
    • Performance Properties

    Running and Pulling Tubing

    • Preparation and Inspection before Running
    • Stabbing, Making up an Lowering
    • Field makeup
    • Pulling tubing
    • Cause of Tubing Trouble

    Selection of Wall Thickness and Steel Grade of Tubing

    Packer to Tubing Force


    Required Participant Qualifications

    • This course is considered vital for fresh graduated petroleum engineers, Mechanical engineers, operators and technicians who are in charge in operating a Drilling Rig.
    • Good command of English is essential.
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