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Well Cementing Process

  • Course Description

    This course is designed to introduce the participants with well cementing processes determine the most appropriate procedures, equipment, tools and cementing materials for assuring a high-quality cement job, determine the volume, displacement and density requirements for cementing a casing string, select the cement additives appropriate to a given job, specify the casing accessories to be used on a primary cement job, outline the steps involved in cementing a string of casing, evaluate the results of a primary or squeeze cementing operation, calculate the volumes and displacements required to set a cement plug.


    Course Content


    Chemistry of Cements

    Cementing Principles

    Standardization and Properties of cements

    Properties of cement Slurry and set cement

    • Specific Weight
    • Thickening Time
    • Strength of Set Cement

    Cement Additives

    • Specific Weight Control
      • Bentonite
      • Diatomaceous Earth
      • Solid Hydrocarbons
      • Expanded Perlite
      • Pozzolan
      • Hematite
      • Limonite
      • Barite
      • Sand
    • Thickening and Setting Time Control
      • Calcium Chloride
      • Sodium Chloride
      • Gypsum
      • Sodium Silicate
    • Filtration Control
    • Viscosity Control
    • Special Problem Control

    Primary Cementing

    • Normal Single Stage casing cementing
    • Large Diameter casing cementing
    • Multi-stage Casing Cementing
    • Liner Cementing

     Secondary Cementing

    • Squeeze Cementing
    • Plug Cementing


    Required Participant Qualifications

    • This course is considered vital for fresh graduated petroleum engineers, Mechanical engineers, operators and technicians who are in charge in operating a Drilling Rig.
    • Good command of English is essential.
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