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Drill Bits and Down Holes Tools

  • Course Description

    This course describes design, selection, performance, evaluation, inspection and maintenance of common drill Bits types, and emphasizes the general description and application of various down-hole tools


    Course Content

    Classification of Drilling Bits

    Classification Chart and Drill Bit Codes

    • Series
    • Types
    • Features
    • Additional features

    Roller Rock Bit Design

    • Cone Cutter Design
    • Bearing Design
    • Sealed Friction Bearing (journal Bearing)
    • Sealed Ball and Roller Bearing (Self Lubrication)
    • Non-sealed Ball and Roller Bearings
    • Air Circulating Ball and Roller Bearings

    Steel Tooth Cutting Structure Design

    • Soft Formation Bits
    • Medium Formation Bits
    • Hard Formation Bits

    Insert Bit Tooth Design

    Dull Grading for Roller Cone Bits

    • Tooth Wear
    • Bearing Condition
    • Gauge Wear
    • Dull Grading of Roller Cone Bits

    Steel Tooth Bit Selection

    Insert Bit Selection

    Quantitative Method of Bit Selection

    Roller Rock Bit Hydraulics

    Diamond Bits

    • Diamond Selection
    • Diamond Bit Design
    • Diamond Bit Hydraulics
    • Diamond Bit Weight on Bit and Rotary Speed

    Core Bits

    • Wire-line Core Barrel Systems
    • Marine Core Barrels
    • Rubber Sleeve Core Barrels
    • Core Barrel Specifications
    • Weight on Bit and Rotary Speed for Core Bits

    Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts (PDC) Bits

    • PDC Bit Design
      • Bit Body Material (Matrix)
      • Bit Profile
      • Cutter Exposure
      • Cutter Orientation

    IADC Fixed Cutter Bit Classification System

    • Cutter Type and body Material
    • Profile
    • Hydraulic Design
    • Cutter Size and Placement Density
    • Examples of Fixed Cutter Bits Classification

    Dull Grading for Fixed Cutter Bits


    Required Participant Qualifications

    • This course is considered vital for fresh graduated petroleum engineers, Mechanical engineers, operators and technicians who are in charge in operating a Drilling Rig.
    • Good command of English is essential.
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