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Casing and Casing String Design

  • Course Description

    This course is designed to illustrate an overview about well casing, define types of casing, specify casing points and casing/hole diameters for each drilled section, design casing strings and outline cementing requirements, Select casing weights, grades and connections based on consideration of maximum load conditions, specify casing accessories and select surface equipment components.


    Course Content


    Types of Casing

    • Stove or Surface Casing
    • Conductor String
    • Surface Casing
    • Intermediate Casing

    Casing Program Design

    Casing Data

    • Process of Manufacture
    • Physical Properties
    • Tensile Properties
    • Yield Strength
    • Tensile Tests

    Dimensions, Weight and Lengths

    • Dimensions and Weights
    • Diameter
    • Wall Thickness
    • Weight
    • Length

    Casing Jointers

    • Coupling
    • Elements of Threads
    • Round Threads
    • Buttress Thread

    Extreme-Line Casing (integral Connection)

    • Material
    • Physical Properties
    • Dimensions and Tolerances

    Thread Protectors

    • Design
    • Material
    • Performance Properties

    Collapse Pressure

    • Yield Strength Collapse Pressure Formula
    • Plastic Collapse Pressure Formula
    • Transition Collapse Pressure Formula
    • Elastic Collapse Pressure Formula
    • Collapse Pressure Under Axial Tension Stress

    Internal Yield Pressure

    • Internal Yield Pressure of Pipe
    • Internal Yield Pressure of Couplings
    • Pipe Body Yield Strength

    Joint Strength

    • Round Thread Casing Joint Strength
    • Buttress Thread Casing Joint Strength

    Combination Casing Strings

    • Design Consideration
    • Collapse
    • Burst
    • Conductor String
    • Surface and Intermediate Strings
    • Production String
    • Tension Load
    • Compression Load

    Running and Pulling Casing

    Recommended Practice

    Stubbing Making up and Lowering

    Field Makeup

    • Round Thread 41/2 Through 133/8 in OD
    • Buttress Thread 41/2 Through 13 3/8 OD
    • Round Thread 16, 18 5/8 and 20 in OD

    Casing Landing Procedure

    Recovery of Casing

    Cause of Casing Troubles


    Required Participant Qualifications

    • This course is considered vital for fresh graduated petroleum engineers, Mechanical engineers, operators and technicians who are in charge in operating a Drilling Rig.
    • Good command of English is essential.
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